Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators are designed to bring you the world's latest development in food science and tehcnology, And now MITSUBHISHI models has evolved even further. Always supporting your family's healthy eating habits through conceptualized technology-MITSUBISHI. This world-class refrigerators combine superb, modern design and highly advanced performance. Some models are equipped with the world's first LED-based "Vitamin Factory through Photosynthesis" technology.

  • <center>MR - 18EA</center> Multi Drawer
    MR - 18EA
  • <center>MR - F36E</center>
    MR - F36E
  • <center>MR - F62E/F55E</center>
    MR - F62E/F55E
  • <center>MR - F32E/F27E</center>
    MR - F32E/F27E
  • <center>MR - L80E</center>
    MR - L80E