is the state-of-the air compressor innovation which is carefully designed to be superior than other scroll engineering. Under the modern technology of Mitsubishi Electric, aiming for the energy saving and the reliability of the compressor, the sophisticated Frame Compliance Mechanism is developed. It enhances the compressor efficiency and justifies the thrust force to the suitable level thus reducing the excessive energy and weariness. This creation brings about the most advanced scroll technology which ensures the highest efficient compressor existing in today market place.

Frame Compliance Mechanism (FCM)
FCM can minimize gas leakage in scroll compression chamber, keep refrigerating capacity and reduce power losss by self-adjustment system of Orbiting Scroll position to pressure load and accuracy of Fixed Scroll profile. It is a big feature that FCM has not only a moveable Orbiting Scroll but also a moveable Frame unlike other manufacturer's one which is known so far. Incidentally FCM have already applied as patent 31 matters including 221 chaims in Japan and foreign countries.

Description: Scroll Outline

Advantage of the Frame Compliance Mechanism
1. High efficiency : resulting from the higher performance of the mechanism in term of adjusting the proper thrust force and eliminating energy losses.
2. High reliability & durability : resulting from less friction force and automatic lubrication. The automatic lubrication creates from a different pressure inside the compressor that allows the lubrication oil to flow from high pressure chamber to the lower pressure one, without the necessity of oil stirrer ( oil distribution equipment).
3. Low noise & vibration : resulting from the frame compliance technology in adapting the pressure against the scroll internal chamber to the optimize level, decreasing clashes of internal parts, therefore, delivering a more quieter scroll compressor.
4. Technology of the future inverter : with the proven Frame Compliance Mechanism that enabling the automatic lubrication, the advanced scroll is capable at running at various speed ranging from the very low to high revolution without any problem. It is a perfect solution for inverter and Multi Refrigerant System air conditioners.