Conventional compressor operate at a fixed speed with on and off repetitively, on the other hand, inverter compressor has controller which can control power output to fit with variable operating environment as well.

Inverter Benefits:
1.) Precision Temperature Control : less noticeable swing in temperature because of its adaptation of capacity to match with any variable conditions automatically 
2.) High Efficiency : deliver only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling or heating condition, thereby saving both energy and cash 
3.) Humidity Control : enjoy greater comfortable climate 
4.) Heating Performance : compressor rotation speed can greatly improve the heat exchanger performance between indoor and outdoor units
Inverter – Technology for the Future:
Inverter technology is becoming the new trend in HVAC&R industry. The system can enhance smoothing performance for any cooling or heating applications. For current situation, this technology can decrease the using of energy which not only save money but also friendly to the environment and create less global warming.

Combination of ‘Twin Mechanism’ with Inverter Technology ( TNB – DC Twin Rotary Compressor )
‘Twin Mechanism’

Description: Image
Description: Image

This advanced technology can result in the combination of highly powerful and smooth performance through the latest innovative solution of ‘Twin Mechanism’. This mechanism are done by balancing torque of two compression chambers in a revolution which can operate at the highest efficiency with extremely low vibration and low noise. Moreover, they are compact sizes, lightweight, and wider range of operating area than other rotary compressor. With our special design, we use selective raw material and meticulous process to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Our DC Twin Rotary Compressor is the combination of double technology solution which are ‘Twin Mechanism’ and ‘Inverter Technology’. This unique solution can ensure specifically for the highest smooth performance with quiet compressor operation and high energy saving when compare with other compressor running at the same operating area. Its compact sizes and lightweight are also comfortable for unit with space limitation but need for high compression speed.