Industry-leading COP and System Flexibility

Highly efficient, ultra-quiet operation, low power consumption...

Our CITYMULTI systems utilize the innovative technologies, giving CITYMULTI units the same industry-leading COP (co-efficient of performance) classification. These highly efficient systems offer the merits of flexible installation, energy savings and ultra-quiet operation, all combined with the performance reliability and quality promised in the Mitsubishi Electric name.

High Coefficient of Performance (COP)

The latest energy-saving technologies are adopted for the CITYMULTI Series too. COP ratings are among the industry's best.

Silent Operation

Our outdoor units achieve high performance in low noise levels with a "low noise mode". Connected to the latest indoor units, the system is capable of offering a comfortable, silent interior space where occupants are not even aware of air conditioner operation.

Choice of Indoor Units

Select the best indoor unit to match room requirement and design needs. We have over 16 models in 8 type variations to choose from.

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